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Spainbookers provides you with a simple and easy way for any non-speaking Spanish tourist, traveller or business person to reserve high quality Spanish operated-services in your own language.

The problem: Many Spanish businesses do not have multilingual staff and it can be difficult for tourists and travellers to find and book services in your own language.

The solution: Our goal is to enable tourists visiting Spain to easily reserve high quality services operated by Spanish businesses. We form a communication bridge between the Spanish company and the tourist so you can reserve the service in your own language with confidence.

We thoroughly research all the services which we offer reservation for and we ensure to provide you with detailed information you need in your own language so that you understand exactly what you are getting when you make you reservations through our website.

We are passionate about providing a high quality service that makes the process of reservation easy and straight forward for you. We work to ensure you pay the same when reserving with us than if you were buying directly from the Spanish company itself. Indeed, many times we are successful in negotiating a discount over what you would normally pay.

We aim to make the reservation service as simple as possible for you ensuring to provide detailed information at every step that helps you understand exactly what you are reserving as well as the steps needed to make the reservation and obtain the service.

One of the great benefits of reserving through Spainbookers is that you do not pay anything at the time of reservation. You pay only when you arrive at the Spanish business and receive the goods or service. We do this through issuing a voucher which you can redeem at the Spanish company or business. You simply present the voucher when you visit the Spanish company and pay for the service only when you arrive. The voucher can be printed out or shown on your smartphone.

Currently we support reservations in the following languages:

English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and of course, Spanish

People are travelling more than ever before and it is essential that tourists and travellers can book with confidence high quality services without having to speak Spanish. We have done the hard work for you sourcing reliable high quality Spanish services and made the reservation process straight forward.

We are passionate about improving and we welcome feedback from you on how we can improve the service we give.

If you have suggestions for us to setup a new type service that we could provide reservation for we would love to hear from you.

Don't let the language barrier stop you from travelling to Spain and enjoying all she has to offer you. We are here to help you reserve the services you need.

Enjoy your trip to Spain!

Spainbookers Team

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